Can Forex Trading Make You Rich?

Trading Forex is not recommended for individuals who are jobless, have poor incomes, are heavily indebted on their credit cards, are unable to pay their power bill, or cannot afford to eat.

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Can Forex Trading Make You Rich

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Before we continue, we will be completely open and honest with you and advise you against trading currencies as follows:

     1- All Forex Traders—and by ALL—We Mean EVERY Trader—Lose Money Occasionally

90 percent of investors lose money, mostly as a result of bad money management practices, lack of preparation, discipline, training, and trading edge.

Because all traders lose a transaction at some point or another, you'll undoubtedly have a hard time adjusting to trading if you despise losing or are an extreme perfectionist.

1    2- Trading Forex is not recommended for individuals who are jobless, have poor incomes, are heavily indebted on their credit cards, are unable to pay their power bill, or cannot afford to eat.

You should have enough trading money (in a small account) to cover a loss of at least $10,000.

You shouldn't open an account with a few hundred dollars and hope to become really wealthy.

Due to its huge size, high liquidity, and the propensity for currencies to move in strong trends, the forex market is one of the most often used venues for speculation.

You'd assume that traders all across the world would prosper, yet only a very small number of traders have been successful.

The issue is that many traders enter the market with the false expectation of generating a fortune, but in fact they lack the discipline needed to truly acquire the art of trading.

The majority of people typically lack the willpower to follow a diet or visit the gym three times each week.

How do you expect to succeed in one of the most challenging, yet financially lucrative, pursuits known to man (and woman) if you can't even accomplish that?

Short-term trading is not for the faint of heart, and it is rarely a means of "getting wealthy quick." Without taking enormous risks, you cannot expect to reap enormous returns.

A trading strategy that entails taking a significant amount of risk will result in unpredictable trading results and significant losses.

If you consider gambling a trading strategy, a trader who behaves in this manner definitely doesn't even have one!

1.     3- A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme is NOT Forex Trading

It takes TIME to learn the SKILL of forex trading.

In this industry, skilled traders can and do succeed. Success does not, however, come immediately, just like in any other job or career.

It's not easy to trade currencies online (as some people would like you to believe).

If it were, everyone involved in trading would already be millionaires.

The truth is that even seasoned traders with excellent skill occasionally lose money.

Remember this: there are no short cuts in FX trading.

To master, it takes a tonne of PRACTICE and EXPERIENCE.

Hard labour, careful practice, and diligence are vital.

Until you find a strategy that you completely understand and can execute objectively, practice trading on a DEMO ACCOUNT. Basically, discover a method that is effective for you!

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